Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mommydom: Day 67

Working/Pumping Hell: Day 3
Bloggosphere: Day 1

Since I'm starting this blog on day 3 of working/pumping, let me summarize days 1 and 2 for you...

Day 1:
Hysterical sobbing on the way to and from dropping off Bunny at daycare.
Mommy gets flu shot and gets smacked in the face by a brick wall of side-effects that feel suspiciously like a VERY. BAD. FLU.
Bunny doesn't sleep all day because the teachers don't understand that she has to be held AT. ALL. TIMES.
Mommy and Bunny go home, eat, and fall asleep watching TV.
Mommy wakes up at midnight and pumps 6 ounces.

Day 2:
Relatively uneventful... aside from the fact that Mommy gets to call Grandma and ask to borrow money because that last disability check never came and for some reason the daycare expects MONEY for the PRIVILEGE of raising MY child. Hubber leaves for business trip (a weekly occurrence.)
...Which brings me to Day 3.

Bunny did NOT want to wake up. She cried like I'd just told her I was adopting her out to wolverines every time I set her down to do anything to make either of presentable for the day looming before us. She cried when I put her in the carseat. She cried as we drove to daycare. So did I. She cried when I took her out of the carseat and gave her to the teacher. I cried all the way to work.
I thought things were starting to look up when I was able to pump 3 1/2 ounces at work mid morning, but then came lunch.
See, I like to go visit Bunny on my lunch hour and breastfeed. She's only a mile away, and it helps break up the day and lessen the separation anxiety... usually.
The visit went great! But as the clock ticked closer and closer to the time when I would have to leave her and go back to work, I felt panic begin to set in, and the rusty prison shiv began to prick my side.
I managed to keep myself somewhat composed, only a single tear escaping as I handed her off to one of the teachers... then high-tailed to the back door, flood gates breaking just as my hand hit the knob. I cried all the way back to work.
Did the day from hell stop there? Hell no.
After parking my car and composing myself, I began the trek back to the office. Halfway to the crosswalk, I realize my coat has a wet spot. I look down. It's because my bag has an even bigger wet spot. WHUCK?! I open my bag... Somehow, the upright and secure bottle of breastmilk from earlier had leaked all. over. everything. Not only is all that liquid gold GONE, but some of it has managed to get INSIDE the suction hoses, so that I can't pump any more until they somehow dry out. *I tried sucking the milk out. Apparently I suck at sucking. You can feel bad for my husband later.*
I had a meeting at work, so I was an hour late picking up Bunny from daycare.
Hubber did not come home from his business trip before heading to band practice. So... I didn't see him until 10:30pm, at which point he was every bit as exhausted and frustrated as I was, and we proceeded to take it out on each other. Lovely.
We formed a truce long enough to watch Ancient Aliens, then all three CRASHED for the night.

End Scene.

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